We understand that planning a family photograph is a great task, especially for the moms! When is the best time, how many schedules do you need to work around, etc, etc, etc.! I’m a mom; I know exactly where you are coming from. The great news is… we can help alleviate the stress! The first step is making the commitment to schedule an appointment. Evenings and Saturdays are very popular and fill up fast; plan as far ahead as you can… mark your calendar… alert the kids, grand kids, or whoever you want in the photograph.

Schedule a planning consultation.

The next step is selecting the style of the photograph. What look best and fits your family, casual, formal, indoor, outdoor, at the beach or at a special family location. We encourage you to visit our family gallery on our website for ideas; is there a style that appeals to you? Do you want the family looking at the camera, interacting, having fun, this will help define your style.

Now comes the next question… what do we wear? You may start with colors that are in your home. Is there a special place you would like to display your family portraits? Coordinating with the decor of your home will help set the color selections and style of clothing. It’s best to coordinate for balance, harmony and color. The trends today are a colorful coordinated look with accent colors throughout, a mix of solid colors, small prints, thin stripes, or even plaids. Click on our Pinterest page (top right hand corner of website) for some great illustrations of this type of clothing. Some families like to dress very similar; all white tops with khaki’s or jeans. For a formal family photograph the outfits would probably be best in solid colors. Depending on the size of the family, two or three colors could be chosen. Formal wear suggestions are dress pants, dresses, skirts, of similar color. Suit jackets or dress shirts for the men, blazer or blouse for the women. Keep in mind shoes and socks will be visible (don’t let the guys wear white socks)!

Special items of interest…

Glasses, if you wear glasses, it’s best to get a pair of frames without lenses for the portrait session. Glare as well as distortion from the lens can be avoided. In the event you did not get frames without lenses, the glare can be removed for a small fee.

Long sleeves look better than short sleeves, pants better than shorts. V-necks tend to thin out your face, turtle necks tend to make your face appear more round. Select well fitting, pressed clothing. If you can see through your clothing, be sure to wear proper underclothing. Lighter clothing looks better on the smaller people in the grouping, medium to darker colors for the larger people in the grouping.