National Award Winning Photographer

Ryan Gueller, Fond du Lac’s Finest Photographer, Winning Big in Album Design at the Largest Senior Photography Convention in the U.S.

National Award Winning Photographer


We are so excited to announce for the second year in a row Ryan Gueller has been awarded First and Third Place for his entries in High School Senior Albums portrait competition. In addition he was also awarded Second Place for his entry in  the Composite category. Ryan received these awards at SNYC, which is billed as “The Premier Senior Portrait Conference” in the United States. Over 550 prints entered in competition at SNYC this year.

Lady Gaga’s message said when she won the Oscar for “Best Original Song” “Shallow” is so true; it’s hard work, be brave get up everyday and fight for your dreams, your passion. This has always been our passion at Gueller’s Photography; never stop learning, growing and doing what we love to do.

Thank you to all the families over the years who have been so supportive to us, allowing us a glimpse of their family throughout the years. Thank you to all the High School Seniors whom we have had the privilege of getting to know. Our greatest compliment is when someone comments – How did you know his/her personality, you captured it so perfectly!

Can’t wait to put into practice the new ideas gained at SYNC this year!