Sweet baby Maylin’s newborn photos are just to sweet. Sweet baby Maylin Morgan Gueller is absolutely adorable; of course she is my granddaughter. She is so soft, warm, sweet and snuggly, you can’t help but want to hold her all the time, right Emily? I love to just watch her sleep, her little facial expressions are priceless. You can just see how happy Mitch and Emily are, the birth of a child changes you, never before did you think you could love someone as much as you love your baby. Even when they are trying to figure out if she is hungry, tired, or just plain fussy. Life is such a blessing, grandchildren are a double blessing!

Newborn photos are special in a way that no others are. Fresh out of the womb, their skin is soft and wrinkly, they love to be wrapped in snuggly blankets, and cuddled in soft pillows. Parents are overwhelmed with love, joy, happiness and also very sleep deprived. My favorite part of the newborn session is to let the parents relax. We  take the baby, cuddle them, rock them, whatever it is they need (except feeding) to get them to the point of being ready to photograph. These photos will be the start of their photo history. Children love to look back at their photos, photos are great for their self confidence; it tells them their parents are so proud to have them a part of the family.