Senior Pictures Go All Out With Sports

Not Just One Sweater And A Head Shot Anymore

Senior portraits have come so far from what they used to be.  They have evolved into a versatile branding of “you-ness”.                          Sports Photography is just one of the many ways a Gueller Senior Portrait does this.

The seniors who are in sports have dedicated over half their lives to the study, practice, and skill. Their development & emotional restraint  are a vital part of every sport. Growing up with these passions reflect who they are today, and will be tomorrow. Their time and energy proves their dedication to sports which makes it impossible to separate their identity from it. And why would you want to? Celebrate and remember their sports achievements by having it become a part of their Senior Portrait Experience.  We love to work with their passion and dedication and translate it into a portrait that not only captures the senior but also their intensity and love for their chosen sport.

What Sets Us A Part from Other Senior  Sports Photographers

Our sports photography speaks for itself in every detail.  With 38+ years of experience in professional photography, we know what it takes to develop unique sports portraits.


Dramatic Lighting

Knowing how to use lighting is a key element in our sports photography.  We know our lights inside and out, and how to use them to create dramatic looks that emulate what you would see in a Sports Illustrated magazine.

Gueller Photography Senior SPorts PhotographyThanks Class of 2018

Model Inspired

Not only do we have ample years of experience, but we have also trained with some of the best senior sports photographers in the nation. We take reference with sports model photography to bring seniors the most professional and genuine images possible.  Because of our knowledge, experience, we guarantee your senior sports portraits will have the edge that you are looking for.

Sports Senior Photography in Fond du LacSports Senior Photography in Fond du Lac 


A unique and artistic way to represent the passion for your sport or sports is a montage. The dedication you give, we tailor into our montages. Whether it is one sport or more, the Gueller’s award winning photography and designs will capture all the blood, sweat and tears you have put into your sports and reassure you that it was all worth it!

Senior Sports Montage Fond du Lac Photography Senior Sports Montage Fond du Lac Photography

Sports Senior Photography in Fond du Lac

Sports Senior Photography in Fond du Lac Sports Senior Photography in Fond du Lac

Thanks Class of 2018


Class of 2019

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