FAQ’s for Senior Photos

Q. What type of clothing should I wear and how many outfits can I bring?

A. Please check out the “Getting Prepared” section on our website for clothing selections. The session and add – on sessions you have selected will tell you the amount of outfits allowed. You can always bring extra outfits, we will help you select the best options.

Q. How and where will I be photographed?

A. When you select Gueller’s Photography, you will be photographed in one of the area’s largest studios with a great variety of in-studio backgrounds. In addition if you have selected the studio outdoor add – on, we have many different areas available within a three mile radius. If you have selected the Safari Road Trip; we will travel anywhere within a 30 minute drive from the studio. The Beach Session will be at the Kohler – Andre State Park.

Q. Can I bring my own props for my session?

A. We encourage you to bring many personal props; sporting uniforms (don’t forget the equipment that goes with the sport), musical instruments, theater posters, props, bicycles, mopeds, motorcycles, cars, pets, hobbies, collections, hats, shoes, jewelry, etc… the list is endless!

Q. What if it rains and I have an Outdoor Session?

A. We will photograph the indoor portion of your session as scheduled. Summer showers often come and go quickly. It might be raining at the beginning of your session, but clear up before the end of the session. We will act according to the weather, by either starting outdoor if rain is eminent, or wait until the rain subsides. If it is a heavy rain or does not appear to be clearing up, you will have two options; to reschedule the outdoor, or cancel the outdoor portion of your session.

Q. What if I wear Glasses?

A. If you normally wear glasses they should be worn for your senior photos. We recommend that you visit your optician and get a pair of frames without the lenses. They may require a deposit for the frames, however the deposit is refunded upon return of the borrowed frames. This will eliminate the glare and distortion caused by the lens.

Q. I wear Braces are there any options for me?

A. Two options are available; if the braces will be removed in the Fall of your senior year, we can photograph just your yearbook photo in the summer. We can submit your yearbook photo on time to the school yearbook advisor. Once your braces are removed, we will schedule the remainder of your session. Option two; have your braces removed with digital artwork (a fee will apply, ask for a quote). Usually the parents will opt for one or two poses for the removal of the braces.

Q. Do I need any money the day of the session?

A. Your session fee is normally prepaid, so on the day of your session there is no money due.

Q. How will I view my Images?

A. We offer two options for the ordering process. Your first choice is to schedule an appointment at the studio to view and order your images. Two hours are allotted for this type of ordering. Your images will be presented on our 60 inch monitor; first you will view a slideshow, then you will start your selection process. A deposit of 1/2 your order is required to process your order, the balance is due upon completion of order. The second option is to take an image booklet home for one week to make your selections. This booklet will be available approximately  2 weeks after your session. Two appointments will be scheduled; the first to view the image slideshow, go over all of our packages, products, etc. than you take the booklet home for one week to make your selections. This option requires a $300 deposit (which is a minimum order when taking the image booklet home), this deposit will be applied to your order once you return to order. We will also schedule an ordering appointment approximately one week later. At that time a deposit of 1/2 of your order is necessary to process the order. Balance due upon completion of order.