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To help make your senior portraits successful a little planning goes along way.

Let’s start with the guys

It’s best if you schedule a hair cut 1 – 2 weeks in advance of your portrait session, this will give it a little time to grow out. We suggest shaving the morning of your session (be careful not to nick your skin)! While the “five – 0’clock shadow is the look these days be sure this is the look you want to be remembered by. Ten, fifteen, twenty years from now this trend may be long gone.

For the Girls

We suggest you wear your hair in the style you wear every day! This is how your family and friends see you every day. Quick changes to your hair style can be done during your session, however this does cut into the session time. We also suggest that you trim your hair a couple of weeks before your session so that your ends are fresh.

Clothing Tips

To achieve a diverse portfolio of images, bring a variety of clothing styles; casual, dressy, trendy, sporty, etc.  The selection of color will also play a large part in showing more variety in your images. Select colors that you like, as well as colors that look great on you! How do you know what is the best color for you? Stand in front of the mirror hold outfits of different colors in front of you, the colors that make your eyes, skin and smile stand out are perfect! If you feel good in your outfits, you will look amazing!

Some tips on what look best and what to avoid:

Solid colors work great especially for close -ups. The focus will be on you rather than your outfit. Select colors that enhance your skin tone. If you feel your upper arms are large and don’t want to focus on them, long sleeves tend to look better than short sleeves or sleeveless. Same with your legs, if you do not want to focus on your thighs, wear pants or capri pants rather than shorts. If you can see through your clothing be sure to bring the appropriate underclothing to wear beneath it. Clothing should be pressed and on hangers, the camera will see the wrinkles.

Click on our Pinterest link in the upper right hand corner to see great clothing combinations. (What to wear senior photos board)



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