Present Yourself Professionally

Today it is more important then ever to present your company to the world!  Is your business photo up to date, or are you using one from ten years ago. Just like everything else evolves, the look of the business head shot has changed as well. The modern business photo speaks volumes about you, your personality, and professionalism. We suggest business photos to be created in your work space, let your client see that you are approachable, hard working, innovative.  A relaxed atmosphere will give business attire a modern look . Consumers want to know who they will be doing business with, what’s your story? Marketing experts tell us to get personal, what are your likes, hobbies, interests; when in actuality clients are more interested in how your experiences will benefit them. Business and Corporations now have the ability to market their wares throughout the world, not just locally. You must be diligent with your online social presence to be noticed and not forgotten; let your image speak for you.

Marketing Video- Set your Business Apart

Do you have a video of your business/corporation to post on the web? Predictions indicate that within the  next three to five years most business/corporations will be using video for advertising. Today technology allows a glimpse of your business showing the workmanship, quality, hard work, the special care you offer to your clients. Tell your story on the web or at trade shows. Our team of cinematographers will work with you to create a stunning, attention grabbing video to set you apart from the competition. Contact for quotes regarding marketing videos.

In studio business session plus one high res file with copyright release     $99

On location business session   $150

Contact Gueller’s Photography for quotes regarding photographing all of your Executives and Management teams. A portable studio can be set up right at your business, as to not interrupt your entire work day.