Planning a Newborn’s Portrait Session

The  Newborn session can take up to two hours. We allow time to stop and feed the baby if needed. Arrive at the studio a little early with a hungry baby. Once you arrive, undress the baby down to the diaper, wrap in a blanket to keep warm. Then we will have a private place for you to either nurse or bottle feed the baby. The session is successful when the baby is sound asleep. Bring blankets, hats, headbands, anything from the nursery that you would like in the photos. We also have hats, headbands and other little items if you do not have any yourself.

Planning a Toddler & Older Child’s Session

So you have scheduled a session for your child, now what do you do? What style are you interested in… a theme, outdoor, special birthday, so many ideas! The great thing is if you call for a consultation we can guide you along the way. We have great ideas for children’s sessions. Take a look at our children’s gallery for ideas, or our Pinterest page. Talk positive to your child about the photos session, let them know it will be a fun experience. Please do not have them “practice smile” we specialize in getting great expressions from your children. We stop at no lengths for a laugh!