The Start of Love; Amazing Couple

Watching love grow, JT and Cami an amazing couple!  It has been a pleasure to watch to your love grow as a couple. Our family has known Cami for a number of years. She always manages to make me laugh! Cami is an energetic, fun loving, spirited girl; always laughing, seeing the bright side of things; beautiful on the inside and out! She is always interested in what others are doing in their personal and family life.

JT the first time we met you, we knew you were special as well. Kind, considerate, caring, thoughtful, intelligent, sincere, with a sense of humor as well.

As a couple you compliment each other perfectly. The way you look at each other, think of each other, and love each other is truly special. Your love will only grow deeper as the years go on. Can’t wait to see what life brings to your relationship.

JT & Cami’s Fun Loving Wedding Day

This was a great day to watch love grow. The ceremony on the beach couldn’t have been more romantic, blue skies, gorgeous weather, loved one gathered around, perfect!  Blue Harbor Resort is an amazing venue, Cami your vision of decorating and all the work you put into it made it great. From the wagon your dad made for Brantley (Ring Security) to the backdrop of the head table, everything sparkled, very festive. The wedding celebration reflected your personalities to a tee. It is very obvious how you treasure friendships and family, we could see it on the faces of your wedding party! All the laughter and fun, the entire wedding party was having is a testament to your own fun loving attitudes. The speeches were touching and a little to revealing at times! Yes, I’m talking about Caline’s speech! Which proves your family falls into the same category (a little crazy dancing on their heads on top of chairs)!  When the dance floor is full all night, guest don’t want to leave, you’ve put on a great party!

Best Wishes

Can’t wait to see your life unfold through the years! Ryan, Steve and I wish you as much happiness and love as your hearts can hold!


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