Fun loving engagement session!

Deven is a car enthusiast if you can’t tell! Stacey being the fun loving, easy going person she is was game for engagement photos with this awesome car. Unfortunately it decided to rain in the middle of their session. This provided us the opportunity to get more creative as we photographed Deven and Stacey. I can’t remember if it was Deven or Stacey who wanted to be photographed with their feet hanging out of the front of the car, so in the rain, they both slid under the car! There was a lot of laughter going on under that car! Then of course you can not have a hot car without showing the motor, I asked Stacey if she typically helps Devon work on the car he is restoring, her reply; “not really”. The image with Stacey under the umbrella, and her reflection in the puddle is one of my favorites.

Once the car photos were finished the sun came out, and the day was just a tad hot and humid.

The Proposal

Deven proposed to Stacey on a pier, so to tell their story it was appropriate for us to photograph them on a pier. It is so romantic for a couple to sit at the edge of a pier gazing into the water; dreaming of what is to come. Ryan launched his kayak (that just happened to be in his truck) and was floating along the dock with his camera to capture some great shots. We love to have challenges!

Our final location was in a field with Deven and Stacey walking hand in hand along the high grasses. What started out as a nasty rain day, actually turned out to be a great day. We had such a great time photographing them during their engagement session, we can’t wait for the wedding day!