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Digital and Prints – How Do Portraits Benefit You?

It is easy to want your photos as digital files instead of a printed portrait. You want to  show off these amazing photos with friends and family online. But after time, those photos get a bit lost. Maybe a day, a month, a year after posting them, you will have to scroll through all those other accumulated posts to find them. I know I constantly forget what I posted on Facebook one year ago. (And one week ago.)

Prints change this.

A printed portrait hanging on your wall, sitting at your desk, or chilling on your table fixes this. Prints create more:

  • Emotional Benefit
  • Longevity
  • Artistic Aesthetic

Children Portrait

Emotional Benefit

Imagine waking up and walking by every morning to see that beautiful family portrait hanging above the fireplace. You get to see that photo everyday. And what it shows is your love and appreciation to all those people in the portrait. Seeing their beautiful smile, this photo will not be forgotten even after 5 years of hanging on your wall (or scrolled through an endless online gallery to find.)

Hanging a portrait on the wall gives off emotional certainty too. A kind of certainty that says:

“You are valid. You are important. You belong. You are loved.”

Especially placing a family portrait by near one’s bedside, it will be the first thing you see when you wake up and the last thing you see before going to sleep. This helps boost one’s self esteem. It is reassuring to see yourself and other loved ones in plain view, everyday, versus having to click or scroll through a device to find that same reassurance. To quote my grandma, whenever she sees our giant family portrait on her wall, “I have a good family.” Be it a wedding photo of you and yours truly, your portrait as a child, or a senior picture reminding of your adolescent before stepping into adulthood; it is comforting to feel loved by a photo that shows you are important in others’ lives. It exists as your daily reminder you are a valid person and you belong there. More on self esteem and family portraits.

Portrait Senior


Digital files always change. Remember floppy disks? Which turned into hard drives. Which turned into flash drives. Which is now saved on various different clouds. What will they come up with next? The fact of the matter is: technology is always changing. There is no guarantee that one format will last for 20 years from now.

Even if the photos are stored somewhere, such as your computer or phone itself, how much time will it be, before running out of space on them? I remember getting my new phone with 32 GB of storage thinking “32! That should be plenty.” Boy was I wrong. Now I find myself deleting old apps and photos from 5 years ago, to make storage room for new things. Then later regretting, deleting old photos I wish I would have have kept.

Who wants their wedding day forgotten? A few clicks online, pictures posted, and forgotten in time to come. Yet a portrait–or a group of portraits–on the wall, fireplace, table, will be seen everyday; the memories with it, not forgotten.

Digital files are easy to post, but easy to forget.

On the other hand, prints have been around for hundreds, thousands of years. We still have photographs from the 1800s! That’s how long they last. It is a moment captured forever in time. No matter how much space you have left on your phone or computer, a printed portrait will never be deleted. It is a physical entity. You can touch it, hold it, smell it or taste it if you really want to. Prints WILL last a lifetime.

Old Portrait

Jeremy & Courtney Wedding


Just as photographs are centuries old, so is art. Art has been around since the beginning of human existence in all types of forms. Painting, writing, sculpture, architecture, dance, music, story telling, charcoal, ink, graphic design, illustration, crafts, clothing, and yes, photography! We consider ourselves artists too. And with every artist, comes a medium that best represents their artwork.

For us, we prefer prints.


Because we don’t just take your photo. We pour our our souls in to our art. We capture your image, professionally retouch it, polish it up, print it, gloss it, package it, and give it to you neatly wrapped up like a present. All the while, we are thinking of you. We think of you as beautiful. And we want to share that beauty with you.

Think of it like…

A digital photo is asking someone for a cup of flour. Now you have to make the cake.

A printed photo is asking someone for a cake. The good kind of cake because it will be the cake of your choosing. Cheesecake, carrot cake, chocolate cake, red velvet cake, you name it, we’ll make it. And we will make it so sweet and delicious, you’ll remember it as the best cake you’ve ever ate.

Cake Portrait


Printed portraits will bring more benefits in the long run from the emotions they evoke, they are physical entities so they can last a lifetime and long after, and they are a piece of artwork that we, as photographers, create specifically for you.

Although digital files are easy, prints will truly capture the memories resting deep within our photos.