Deven & Stacey Fink Wedding

Oh what a wonderful feeling, oh what a wonderful day…. isn’t that a song? Well it fits perfectly for Deven and Stacey Fink’s wedding! Everything is going their way.

Deven and Stacey are such a great couple; we love the way they bend and flow with one another. The day we photographed their engagement session it rained. However, that did not deter them in the least. We were able to capture some amazing photos of them in the rain, under the car hood, at the lake and in the meadow! They just go with the flow. Their wedding day was absolutely perfect, the sun was shining, it was warm, but not to hot, no humidity; perfect!

The love they share with each other is sweet, kind, and caring mixed with a lot of laughter. As the girls were getting ready for the day, all we saw were smiles. One of my favorite parts of the wedding was watching the groom as the bride is coming down the aisle. Deven stood at the end of the aisle, looking a little nervous as he waited for Stacey. Once he saw her, relief filled his face, she was a beauty to behold at first sight. Together they took each others hands, approached the alter, and Hand in hand they said heir vows. As they walked out the aisle as Mr. & Mrs., they beamed with huge smiles. All the nerves gone, the hard part was over, the party about to begin! And so went the celebration of Deven and Stacey; a night they will never forget.

The special part of photographing weddings is getting to know the couple and their families. As Ryan and I were sitting at the dinner table with Stacey’s aunt, uncle and cousin-in-law’s the discussion came up from cousin Kristin’s husband Eric that he should get some sort of referral reward. He mentioned that he and his wife were the first wedding photos we had taken in the family, next was Katie and Chris (Kristin’s sister) wedding and now Deven and Stacey (cousin to Kristin and Katie).

With which, I responded, “Yes we could arrange that. Thank you, we appreciate your great referrals, however  I don’t think you and Kristin were the first to introduce us to the family. Kristin’s grandmother Audrey actually had us photograph their family many years ago in the backyard of their home in Brownsville.” Meanwhile Holly (Kristin and Katie’s mom) piped up to let us know that it was actually her sister who had brought her son Tate to our studio for photos about sixteen or seventeen years ago.

You cannot believe how much it means to us to build and keep these relationships with families, it’s the greatest part of our work. So thank you to the Hillman’s, Roses’, Baker’s, Stortz’s, Pickhardt’s, Fink’s and your grandparents as well, we truly cherish your families.

Deven and Stacey, Ryan and I wish you all the love, laughter and happiness your hearts can hold! Thank you from the bottom of our hearts.


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