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Your Time Is Now

Welcome to your senior year. With years of experience, we cater to your individuality giving you a fun, model – like experience. Our photos reflect your personalities infused with our modern & fashionable style and designs. We strongly believe that a portrait should capture that special something about you.

Awesome New Fashion Trends

Ryan recently attended SNYC the premier senior portrait and youth photography conference. He studied with some of the leading fashion photographers in the senior portrait industry. We can’t wait to show off our new techniques and fashion trends.

New Backgrounds and Sets

While attending the SYNC Conference Ryan purchased new backgrounds to be added to our already extensive line up of indoor backgrounds. Mary loves to scavenger to find one of a kind items to create new sets. This fall she found an old Thompson wooden boat. Ryan plans on creating a set that will put you in the middle of a flowing river, right in our own backyard! Last month while vacationing in Florida, Mary found a set of old french doors, proceeded to haul them home in her SUV, they are gigantic! She could not even see her husband as they were traveling 1200 miles back home. They will make an awesome outdoor set in the garden.

Take Advantage of our 50% Senior Session Sale

Call anytime before March 31st to schedule your appointment, you may be photographed anytime before June 30th.

Signature Session: 5 outfits, 40 – 50 poses Regular 200 // SALE $100

Elements Session: 4 outfits, 25 – 35 poses Regular $170 // SALE $85

View our senior portrait gallery; https://www.guellerphoto.com/seniors/

Call 920-753-5302 to take advantage of these great savings!

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