I can’t tell you how awesome it is to have a business where you build relationships that last forever.  We have known the Daun family for many years, our relationship started when we photographed Cami’s parents wedding… I won’t say how long ago that was (actually I can’t remember the year)! When Cami returned for her senior photos several years later, we reconnected with her parents and realized we had a common love of boating. So many Sunday afternoons we took to the lake with the Daun family. After a few years we decided to take a week long boat trip across Lake Michigan. Cami and her sister Caline decided this might be a great adventure, during this trip Steve and I really got to know the Daun sisters! They are always happy, smiling, laughing and saying the most outrageous things! Their love of life is contagious! Since then we have had many fun times together. We photographed Caline’s wedding a few years ago, can you see the trend we are setting. When JT proposed to Cami, I was just waiting and hoping to get the chance to capture her special day as well. JT as you already know, you have fallen in love with a very special woman. Cami, as far as I can tell JT is pretty special as well, so kind, caring, and funny. It’s very apparent how you make each other happy, bring the best out in each other. Can’t wait for the wedding! We absolutely love this Chicago Engagement Session.

Since Cami and JT live in Chicago, we decided this would be a great location for their engagement session. To capture the best light, during this Chicago Engagement Session, we decided a sunrise on Lake Michigan would be the place to start. So a few weeks ago on a Sunday (very early, before sunrise) morning there we were on the shores of Lake Michigan. The windy city looming in the background. Fog hovering over the city skyline, created a wonderful romantic background for these two special people. Our next stop was downtown near the Chicago Tribune area, we love the beautiful architecture and bridges. Sunday morning was a great choice, traffic was non-existent! On to the Lincoln Park Zoo, we loved the iconic arch which provided interesting lines, a view of the skyscrapers in the distance, beautiful prairie grasses, endless areas to photograph. Our final location would be the Chicago Botanical Gardens, which was absolutely gorgeous! Ryan and I could have photographed these two all day.