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Class of 2018 – do you want to save money on your Senior Portrait Sessions and have an amazing Experience taking your pictures?

Spring Break is right around the corner, the end of the school year is coming fast! Now is the time to think of your Senior Portraits. Don’t miss out on our biggest senior portrait sessions sale of the year! Call on or before April 7, 2017, to schedule your session anytime before June 30, 2017 to take advantage of this special.

It’s your turn to “Make a Statement”! Your senior pictures should do just that! At Gueller’s Photography we strongly believe that a portrait should capture that special something about you. It’s that thing that can’t be explained, but can always be seen in a Gueller’s portrait. We know it starts with the experience and making you feel comfortable while having fun and laughing during the session. We want to get to know you so that your personality can shine in your photo! You will be amazed during your senior portrait session at how much fun you are having, expect to be wow’d!

We have an incredible selection of backgrounds, awesome outdoor photo locations that can go with all different kinds of clothing, the latest in technology and unbelievable creative portrait artists. Check out our Senior Portrait Sessions: Are you into sports, drama, music, reading, biking, hiking, the great outdoors? Do you want to show off your car, motorcycle, tractor, dirt bike, etc just throwing ideas at you. The majority of our seniors select one or more of our Add – On sessions to compliment their indoor session. If you need advice from the pros call Gueller’s Photography at 920-753-5302 to speak with one of us.

Last year we were taking pictures of a senior and he didn’t want to be here getting his pictures taken. It was like pulling teeth to get him into it, but they took our advice and did the Safari Add-On. We went to their farm and did pictures in the barn as well as with their tractor which turned out really cool! I showed him the back of the camera and he was sold, he saw that his pictures were like no one elses pictures. We also went to his grandparents house and took more photos by their ponds. We were having so much fun talking with them that he forgot he was supposed to be having a miserable time!

It’s Your Life show us who you are! Need ideas? Check our our senior photo gallery at:

Now What…

  1. Choose your session.
  2. Select your Add-on session.
  3. Call by April 7, 2017, schedule your session before June 30, 2017 to receive these savings! 920-753-5302.
  4. Session payment due at time of scheduling to reserve your special “Senior Portrait Session”!



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